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When our founder, John Spedan Lewis, set up the Partnership, he was careful to create a governance system, set out in the company's Constitution, that would be both commercial - allowing the company to move quickly and maintain a leading position in a competitive industry, and democratic - giving every Partner a voice in the business they co-own.

This combination of commercial acumen and corporate conscience, so ahead of its time, makes us the visionary and successful business we are today. Our approach is the embodiment of an ideal, the outcome of nearly a century of endeavour to create a different sort of company - owned by Partners and dedicated to serving customers with flair and fairness.

Yet it’s precisely because we are such a different kind of company that working here isn’t for everyone. However, more than 69,000 Partners will tell you that a job providing a truly exceptional degree of expertise, quality, interaction and inspiration is the job for them.

Across these business areas we offer a huge variety of jobs and careers, from sales assistants to journalists, from chefs to lawyers, and from delivery drivers to architects. We’re looking for people who are open to a different way of doing things. Good communicators with outgoing and friendly personalities. People with common sense, the ability to work in a team, commercial awareness, energy, resilience and adaptability.

If you recognise these qualities in yourself, this is your chance to join us and share in the benefits and profits of a business that will always put you first.


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